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Human Health

Our novel drug delivery technologies, both polymers and hydrogels, are designed to improve the kinetic profiles of drugs and thereby capitalize on market opportunities because:

  • They have the potential for timed, tissue-specific, and pH-sensitive drug release characteristics.
  • They are designed for post-manufacture drug loading and thus permit the efficient loading of drugs.
  • They are potentially biodegradable/bioerodible: many other technologies remain in the body after the drug has been delivered. In contrast, our polymers and hydrogels are designed to be either completely degraded in the body or erode to form much smaller water soluble particles that are easily eliminated.
  • They are expected to provide the opportunity for more efficient reformulations of existing drugs, allowing manufacturers to extend product life-cycle through new patent protection.
  • These technologies are potentially well-suited as coatings for drug delivery on drug eluting stents, a large segment of the interventional cardiology market.

Animal Health

There are particular therapeutic areas in the animal health market that are relatively underserved. The treatment of post-operative pain for the care of companion animals, for instance, could be greatly enhanced if a longer duration of action (three to five days) could be achieved and if anti-pruritic (anti-itching) medication could be provided in a single dose. Cytogel's hydrogel and polymer technologies have properties that are appropriate for ehancing the pharmacologic properties of veterinary medicines, which the company may evaluate through proof of concept development. In addition, this hydrogel delivery system could be developed for use in delivering growth hormone products in a sustained release fashion for use with livestock.