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Cytogel Pharma is a development stage bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The Company's patent portfolio, including patents issued and patents pending, has identified a number of compositions with attractive pharmaceutical properties. Its lead compound is CYT-1010, an atypical opioid, which is about to enter phase 2 development. Cytogel believes it has the solution to the opioid crisis with CYT-1010, a breakthrough pain medicine which in pre-clinical trials has shown to have reduced addiction potential and substantially less risk of respiratory depression than has been experienced with the classic opioids.

The ongoing parallel evaluation of multiple product opportunities has also led the company to focus on important new approaches on drug delivery technologies for enhanced pharmacokinetics. The company obtained the rights from Cornell University to two patented discoveries in the field of hydrogels. These biocompatible hydrogels are conducive to enhanced drug delivery and improved device coating.